• Lithuania is a Northern European country and one of the three Baltic states along with Latvia and Estonia.

  • It has an estimated population of 3 million as of 2013, and its capital and largest city is Vilnius.

  • It is a member of the European Union, the Council of Europe, a full member of the Schengen Agreement.

  • Poland and Lithuania made up one of medieval Europe's largest empires, stretching from the Black Sea almost to Moscow.

  • The Constitution of Lithuania guarantees tuition-free education for public institutions of higher education for students who are performing "best" during their academic period.

  • Lithuania Universities offering wide spectrum of courses to its international students.

List of Universities

  • Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine

  • Kaunas University of Medicine.

  • Lithuania University of health sciences.

  • Vilnius University of Medicine.

  • Kaunas University of Technology

  • Klaipeda University


  • The entire system of education is administered by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

  • Lithuania had a literacy rate of 99 percent in 1994.

  • Lithuania is the member of European Union since 2004.

  • Lithuania is one of the Schengen Country since 21 December 2007.

  • Lithuanian state scholarships programme is designed for the advanced students, lecturers or researchers of foreign higher education and research institutions to enable them to study or carry out research at higher education or research institutions of the Republic of Lithuania.